Bowen Pharmacy announced Thursday the purchase of the Parsons AuBurn Pharmacy customer files.

Bowen Pharmacy owner Brian West said he is not aware of what led to the decision to close AuBurn Pharmacy. AuBurn opened inside King Cash Saver in 2006 after the Garnett-based pharmacy group acquired Health Mart Pharmacy from Steve DeFever of Independence.

“The owner of AuBurn Pharmacy, Mike Burns, called us about a week and a half ago and just said, ‘We’re wanting to sell, close it down. I think we’ve just reached a point where we can’t do anymore than what we have done.’”

West said Burns had a couple of other offers and decided to go with Bowen Pharmacy to keep it local instead of with a larger, out-of-area company.

“We did the transaction last night, so it was fast. Real fast. We’ve had a lot of work to do between then and now and still ahead of us,” West said.

As of Thursday, all of the files of Parsons AuBurn Pharmacy customers have been transferred to Bowen Pharmacy, so customers should have a seamless transition.

“They are in our system. Our software company did the file transfer last night. Everybody is in — all the prescriptions, their insurance, allergies, all that. Everything they had at AuBurn Pharmacy is here,” West said. “It’s still the customer’s choice if they want to come here, but we would appreciate it if they did.”

He did not have specifics, but West said based on a rough estimate, the transfer consisted of about 800 customers’ files, which is about average for local retail pharmacies across the nation.

Those former AuBurn customers choosing to stay with Bowen will have the convenience of the drive-thru at 1519 Main or they can just walk into the store.

“And we still offer delivery and a few other services,” West said.

There is also Bowen Pharmacy South, located at 1902 S. U.S. 59, Building E, Suite 100, within Labette Health.

If customers have questions, they can call 421-4950.

“The good thing is it kept it local, which allows us to donate back to the community and continue to give and do what we’ve always done,” West said.

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