Art Gallery

Kelsey Fabrycky holds a coat rack she designed to display art at her new studio and gallery, Thirsty Imagination, 105 S. 18th St., which will have a grand opening next month.

A local artist plans to display work and teach classes at a new downtown studio and gallery that will open next month.

Kelsey Fabrycky of Parsons is planning a grand opening for 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Feb. 8 for Thirsty Imagination, 105 S. 18th St.

“I really want to bring the art scene to Parsons,” Fabrycky said.

Fabrycky, an art instructor for Oswego schools, will teach walk-in classes on Saturdays lasting under one hour each from about 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. On Fridays she plans to teach more traditional classes that will run about two hours and require sign-up in advance.

Fabrycky also plans to host paint and sips in her new studio twice a month during the school year and perhaps weekly in the summer break. Those attending can bring their own wine, and Fabrycky will offer coffee and tea.

The gallery will feature works from various artists, and Fabrycky also plans to sell a small amount of handmade merchandise. She is looking for a woodworker who might be able to sell more functional art such as bowls and spoons.

“And also it will be just a space for me to work because my husband is tired of having my stuff all over the house,” Fabrycky said.

During the grand opening and for the first couple of months Thirsty Imagination will feature the works of three artists.

Sarah Lytle of Oswego will display her Red Door Series. Holly Savage, Fabrycky’s mother, will display her watercolor works, and Fabrycky’s brother, Bo Savage, will showcase his landscape photography. Savage is the photographer and designer for the Kansas State University football team. Fabrycky also hopes to have a K-State art instructor displaying ceramics. She said hopefully the gallery will always have artists showing work.

Those attending the grand opening also can get a sample of the classes Fabrycky will offer. She plans to teach Shabori tie dye classes during the event. Each of three sessions will last about 30 minutes as Fabrycky will guide people through decorating scarves and maybe something more appealing to men.

With her classes and paint and sips, Fabrycky hopes to appeal to everybody. Some of the classes will focus on more crafty items such as rope bracelets, while others will feature watercolors.

Fabrycky hosted paint and sip classes for about a year beginning in 2015 at the former Parsons Country Club. After her son was born, she quit the paint and sips and then later earned her master’s degree in secondary education from Pittsburg State University. She already had a bachelor’s in art history from Fort Hays State University.

Fabrycky started teaching at Oswego but had been planning on opening an art studio, too. Her husband, Caleb, surprised her with the lease on the downtown building for Christmas. Now she just has to do some more work to prepare the space before February.

Fabrycky said she had a crazy dream about displaying all of the artwork on coat racks, so she decided to run with the idea and already has designed one using wooden hangers on a wooden backdrop that she painted with an abstract theme.

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