Three Southeast Kansas residents are facing counterfeiting charges after their arrests last month in Parsons.

Jeffrey S. Wilson, 30, Iola, Charles L. Wilson, 61, Yates Center, and Macey C. Heger, 24, Yates Center, were arrested by Parsons police in mid-July. They have since made appearances in Labette County District Court on charges.

Jeffrey Wilson is charged with distribution of alprazolam, a low-level felony, four counts of counterfeiting, interfering with a law officer, criminal use of a weapon, use of drug paraphernalia, all felonies. He’s also charged with three counts of theft by deception for using counterfeit bills for purchases at Stockyards Travel Plaza, J.D.’s Gun Shop and Pete’s.

Charles Wilson is charged with distribution of alprazolam, possession of morphine, four counts of counterfeiting, two counts of interfering with a law officer, use of drug paraphernalia, all felonies. He faces a misdemeanor drug charge and three counts of theft by deception, all misdemeanors, for using counterfeit currency at Stockyards, Pete’s and Casey’s General Store.

Macey Heger is charged with four counts of counterfeiting, all felonies, and four counts of theft by deception, all misdemeanors. The theft relates to using the counterfeit money at Stockyards, Pete’s and Casey’s.

The cases relate to a police investigation after an employee of Pete’s at 116 S. 32nd reported two individuals attempting to pass counterfeit money at the store. Police received a vehicle description and a direction of travel.

Parsons Police Officer Jeff Essig was looking for a maroon sport utility vehicle heading east on Main Street from 32nd. Essig spotted a vehicle matching that description and confirmed the tag information. Officer Essig stopped the SUV in the 1700 block of Main.

The SUV occupants matched the description given by the store clerk and a regional law enforcement bulletin. The driver possessed a counterfeit bill along with a controlled substance and a firearm.

Police searched the SUV and found more counterfeit bills along with drug paraphernalia and computer equipment used to create fraudulent bill.


In another case, Darius K. Golston, born in 1995, 2314 Broadway, is charged with arson, aggravated battery, both felonies, and criminal damage, a misdemeanor. Golston allegedly set fire to 2314 Broadway on July 20 and battered a man with a metal object. The misdemeanor charge relates to a TV and tires that Golston allegedly damaged.

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