The local bowling alley remains open under ownership of Community National Bank and Trust.

Helen Brooks, who has worked for Tower Bowl and then Parsons Bowl off and on for 20 years for three different owners, is managing the newly named PK Bowl, 103 Main, for the bank.

Brooks said she took over management for the 12-lane bowling alley on Jan. 25 after Community National contacted her. She had to change the name for legal purposes after the bank foreclosed on the business formerly owned by William and Kathy Farr. The bank tried to sell the business on Jan. 25, but no one was interested in buying it at that time. Brooks plans to manage the bowling alley for the bank until it is sold.

Leagues continue to run, and most nights there are lanes available for open bowling also. All of the lanes are available for open bowling on Saturday evenings, with a special of three games for $5 including shoe rental from 5 to 9 p.m. and Cosmic Bowling from 9 p.m. to midnight for $10 per person for all games bowled during that time. The alley also is open from 2 to 6 p.m. on Sundays. Brooks plans to keep PK Bowl open through June and July, and the new league year will begin probably in mid-August, she said.

Although Brooks doesn’t want to buy the bowling alley, she thought it was important to keep it open because if it lost its bowlers, they probably wouldn’t come back as they would grow accustomed to a new alley in a nearby town.

“I want to keep it open for the community, the people, the bowlers,” Brooks said.

Brooks said Parsons Bowl lost some bowlers because of irregular hours, but PK Bowl will be open during all of the posted hours. Brooks, an avid bowler herself, plans to build the business back up to prove it can make good money.

Brooks said it’s definitely worthwhile to keep the bowling alley open. It’s a good place for both adults and children to have fun, and she said business is starting to pick up already.

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