A Parsons man pleaded no contest Thursday to a charge tied to his breaking into an occupied Parsons home in 2018. He is hoping to get a shorter prison term and also probation.

Aaron L. Jenkins, born in 1993, 2205 Clark, is charged in Labette County District Court with aggravated burglary, a level four felony, and theft, a misdemeanor. A level four felony can be punished by a minimum of 38 months in prison, depending on a person’s criminal history. Kansas sentencing law shows the presumed sentence is prison for the crime. Given Jenkins’ criminal history, as discussed on Thursday, he could receive from 12 to 13.5 years for the crime.

Jenkins’ attorney, Shane Adamson, is going to request that Judge Steve Stockard depart from sentencing law and reduce the length of the sentence and convert that sentence to probation rather than prison.

The case relates to a break-in in Parsons at 2419 Stevens more than two years ago. A preliminary hearing took place in November 2018, during which the alleged victim testified.

She reported that on May 26, 2018, she was home alone that night in her room talking on the phone when her dog barked and she heard noises in the kids’ bedroom. The children were not home that night. She investigated and saw Jenkins as he emerged from the bedroom and stood in the kitchen area. He asked her, “where’s the dude?” She identified Jenkins as the man in her home because she had seen him earlier that day when he came to the house with another man to visit her brother.

Jenkins was not wearing a shirt and she saw his tattoos, another identifier, according to the victim’s testimony.

The victim testified that she retreated to her bedroom while someone on the other end of her phone conversation arranged for police to be contacted. By the time police arrived, Jenkins was gone, as was an X-Box One, X-Box games and a Vizio TV that had been in the children’s room. One of the window screens in that bedroom had been removed from the outside and the window opened to gain entry.

Jenkins was bound over for trial after that 2018 hearing, but a trial had yet to take place.

On Thursday, he pleaded no contest to aggravated burglary. The hearing took place via the Zoom online meeting platform.

Stockard ordered a pre-sentence investigation report and scheduled sentencing for Dec. 14.

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