Shooting Investigation

Parsons police collect evidence and take measurements at 26th and Belmont Tuesday evening while investigating a shooting.

Parsons police are investigating a vehicle-to-vehicle shooting that occurred about 6:20 p.m. Tuesday at 26th and Belmont.

No injuries were reported.

The shots were reportedly fired from a black sedan at a white Dodge Charger. Witness accounts are spotty. Police recovered six shell casings at the scene and these are being processed for forensic evidence. It appears the target of the shooting was the white Dodge Charger, which police found unoccupied and seized it for forensic processing.

The alleged victim has not come forward to assist police in the investigation. According to witness accounts, a man leaned out of the black sedan and began firing at the Charger. Both vehicles left in opposite directions.

“This is a difficult investigation to work when there is limited witness information. The vast majority of crimes are solved when the community takes responsibility for safety in their city and identifies law breakers. This was a targeted act of violence and there are individuals in town that know who the suspect is,” Drug Task Force Commander Mike Powell said in a prepared statement. 

Parsons Police Chief Robert Spinks said, “It is time that the citizens of Parsons step up and take accountability for their community. These types of crimes will only get worse if citizens are not willing to help law enforcement. We promote ‘see it, hear it, report it’ for more than just a catchy slogan. We have had great success in closing the majority of criminal investigations in town through the concerted help of our citizens.”

Police are investigating the possible creation of a new Crime Stoppers chapter. Crime Stoppers is a national nonprofit organization that works to develop crime tip information at the local level. Learn about Crime Stoppers at Crime Stoppers USA is the national crime stoppers organization that spans the United States to create a network of local programs that work together to prevent and solve crimes in communities and schools across the nation. 

Crime Stoppers is based on the principle that someone other than the criminal has information that can solve a crime and was created to combat the three major problems faced by law enforcement in generating that information: 

— Fear of reprisal.

— Attitude of apathy.

— Reluctance to get involved.

Crime Stoppers resolves these problems by:

— Offering anonymity to people who provide information about crimes.

— Paying rewards when information supplied leads to an arrest.

There are seven Crime Stopper chapters in Kansas. Police hope to make Labette County the eighth Kansas chapter. With the public’s help law enforcement can take a step forward in closing even more local cases. 

The Belmont shooting continues to be an ongoing investigation and citizens are encouraged to “see it, hear it, report it.” Anyone with further information on this incident or any other criminal activity can contact the Parsons Police Department at 421-7060, the tip line at 421-7057 or email

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