OSWEGO — Labette County-owned buildings in Parsons and Oswego will be closed through Tuesday because of the possibility of rolling blackouts.

The blackouts may be necessary because the extreme cold temperatures have reduced available reserves of power for utilities.

County Commission Chairman Lonie Addis said the courthouse in Oswego, the Labette County Health Department and the Labette County Judicial Center, both in Parsons, will be closed Monday and Tuesday. He said county 911 dispatch and the jail will remain open as well as a portion of the sheriff’s office in Oswego.

Public Works will remain open as well because its crews are busy clearing county roads of snow.

The purpose of the closings is to use “as little power as possible.”

The rolling blackouts, which utilities may implement to conserve power, would be catastrophic on computer equipment if they occurred during a workday.

“So we’re trying to avoid that,” Addis said.

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