COLUMBUS — A Parsons man released from federal custody this year has been jailed in Cherokee County on suspicion of committing similar charges that led to his conviction and incarceration.

Authorities arrested Anthony Whittley on Tuesday. He remains in the Cherokee County Jail in Columbus on a $65,000 bond for theft and criminal trespass.

Cherokee County Sheriff David Groves said Whittley’s arrest results from a 2018 investigation by sheriff’s deputies. Whittley was accused of stealing eight head of cattle north of Columbus in November 2018. After stealing them, he allegedly sold them in Benton County, Arkansas.

In March 2019, a federal grand jury returned a two-count indictment that charged Whittley and Jasmine Boone with transporting 17 stolen cattle in interstate commerce on Dec. 11, 2018, by moving them from Cherokee County to the Oklahoma National Stockyards Co. in Oklahoma City. This year Whittley and Boone were sentenced to time served and supervised release for three years for transporting stolen cattle in interstate commerce. They must pay $29,159.36 in restitution. Whittley has an additional amount of restitution, $15,492.37, for selling mortgaged livestock.

Groves said the charges for which Whittley was arrested Tuesday were not included in the federal indictment.

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