The Labette Community College Foundation’s Pathways to the Future Capital Campaign is down to the wire on its fundraising to renovate and expand the college’s athletic facilities to meet the needs of students and better serve the community.

LCC Foundation Executive Director Lindi Forbes said Friday the college needs only $40,000 more to meet the requirements of a Mabee Challenge Grant that would provide the campaign $500,000 and hit the final goal of $5,729,900.

“This is the final push. The Mabee Grant has a deadline of this next Thursday, Jan. 14,” Forbes said. “To ensure we get that $500,000 grant, we need to raise $40,000 more. … We’ve  been working really hard and so many people have stepped up and given generous donations and now we need help to cross the finish line.

“I know that sounds like a lot of money, but from everything that’s happened and all that’s been given and accomplished, I really believe it’s doable. It’s just less than a week away.”

To date, the college has raised more than $5.6 million for the athletic complex.

People have been very creative, like Mike Carpino, who donated a 2020 Ford Ranger truck. His hopes were to amplify the gift by selling raffle tickets. People can buy a chance to win the truck for $100 or six for $500.

“We’ll have that drawing in April and all of that money will help us with the campaign, but we need to get as much upfront as we can before the deadline of the Mabee Grant,” Forbes said.

Other people have made a pledge to give a set amount of money to the campaign every year, which also helps.

“That way, people can give more. Even though they may not be able to write a check for the full amount this year for $5,000, they can do $1,000 over five years and that adds up,” Forbes said. “And the Mabee Challenge will accept those pledges if we have their documentation in writing that they are going to make those pledge payments. Even if they can’t write the check right now, they want to give before the 14th, if they sign their pledge form, they can make their first payment any time this year.

“So we don’t have to have all the cash in hand by the 14th, but we do have to have all the documentation of the pledges. And of course cash is always great, too.”

Forbes said some people have even transferred stocks, and the foundation has a mechanism in place to allow for that if anyone is interested in helping that way.

“Over 600 people have given to this cause so far, so I feel like that really demonstrates how worthy and how important that is if that many people see the need and want to help our college serve our students better and serve our community better,” Forbes said. “I invite anyone and everyone else to join them to help us with this final push.”

Anyone wanting to help can visit From there, there is a “donate now” button or there is a button for the raffle. Pledge forms are also available there. Forbes can be contacted for more information by calling 820-1212 or emailing

“We are so grateful and thankful to everybody who has already given,” Forbes said.

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