The total valuation of construction projects permitted by the city of Parsons last month lagged behind the July 2018 number.

The city issued 14 building permits in July for a total valuation of $73,927. The total in 2018 was $154,450. The year-to-date total reached $1,244,601.39, far behind the total in 2018 of $9,591,983.29.

Almost all of the work permitted last month was relatively small, residential projects.

The city decided to limit the amount of information released on its building permit reports beginning with July’s. Although permit numbers are increasing because of the recent adoption of the 2018 international building codes, the city staff thinks residents and businesses are more likely to get a permit when their personal information or specific details of the project are not shared. Rob Gartner, city building inspector and code enforcer, earlier this year said he planned to step up enforcement of the permit requirement. Therefore, the city has discontinued including owner names and addresses on each permit in its reports.

Projects permitted last month were:

— Prebuilt shed, $2,600.

— 4-foot chainlink fence, $500.

— 6-foot privacy fence, $10,000.

— 6-foot privacy fence, unknown value.

— New windows, $3,207.

— Prefabricated carport, $1,800.

— Patio roof, $11,000.

— Addition to home (kitchen), $12,320.

— Window replacement, $4,000.

— Privacy fence extension, $500.

— Roof replacement, $12,000.

— Sign replacement, $4,000.

— 8-foot privacy fence, $1,000.

— Exterior siding and gutters, $11,000.

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