With only two days left to raise $20,000 to meet the Mabee Grant challenge to receive $500,000, the Labette Community College Pathways to the Future Capital Campaign is asking for people’s help.

“A lifelong Parsonian, Bill Fees, has issued a challenge asking others to match his recent $2,500 gift. If only seven more people donate at this level, then the goal will be met. It can even be paid over five years,” LCC public relations director Bethany Kendrick said.

Donations and pledges totaling $20,000 will help the college reach its final goal of $5,729,900 to renovate and expand its athletic complex.

 To earn the grant from the Mabee Foundation of Midland, Texas, the $20,000 must be pledged or donated by Thursday.

Anyone wanting to make a gift or pledge can visit www.labette.edu/foundation or contact Lindi Forbes 820-1212. All donations are tax deductible.

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