Three Labette County Jail inmates made first appearances on new charges this week.

Labette County Judge Steve A. Stockard conducted the hearings via Zoom, with inmates appearing from the jail and the prosecutor appearing in court or from the county attorney’s office. Kansas Supreme Court rules limit in-person hearings because of the COVID-19 pandemic, so many hearings take place via Zoom.

New cases:

— Troy D. Kellogg, born in 1976, 1322 S. 13th, faces two cases in Labette County District Court. In the first, he’s charged with distribution or possession with intent to distribute meth, a level two drug felony that could be punished by up to 144 months in prison. He also faces an obstruction charge, a felony, and three misdemeanors. In the second case, he’s charged with possession of meth, obstruction, both felonies, and three misdemeanors. He will return to court on Tuesday via Zoom. Stockard set Kellogg’s total bond at $25,000 in the cases. His attorney will be Robert Myers. If Kellogg bonds out he will be subject to bond supervision and random urinalysis tests. 

— Christopher H. Hilton, born in 1985, 1632 Gabriel, is charged with possession of meth, a felony, and two misdemeanor charges. He claimed he didn’t know that officers found anything on him. Stockard admonished Hilton to refrain from discussing the facts of the case and that he would have time to explore those issues with his attorney. A hearing is set for Tuesday and Judge Stockard set bond at $5,000.

— Derrick Mac Beery, 50, of Parsons, is charged with possession of meth, fleeing and eluding officers, both felonies, and two misdemeanors. Beery claimed that the gas pedal got stuck, but Stockard admonished him not to discuss facts of the case and that he would have time to explore those issues with his attorney. Lucas Nodine was appointed and Beery will return to court Tuesday. Stockard set his bond at $5,000. Beery will be on bond supervision if released on bond. 

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