A Parsons man is upset because his lost dog’s homing chip was not scanned after the dog was picked up by the police as a stray.

Chauncey Lyons, who has made his views public on social media, took his concerns to the Parsons City Commission on Monday.

Lyons said his 18-year-old rat terrier was picked up on June 20 and taken to Parsons Pet Hospital, which holds a contract with the city to board loose dogs. The staff at Dr. Eva Dudek’s clinic did not scan the homing chip, which could have led to the dog’s quick return home. Instead, the dog was kept for 20 days before Lyons was told the dog was listed as up for adoption.

Lyons went to the clinic to pick up his dog and was told there was a $380 charge for boarding.

“That was just completely absurd to me. I couldn’t afford that,” he said.

Dudek told Lyons he couldn’t take the dog home. Lyons spoke with City Attorney Ross Albertini, who agreed that the city would pay for $125 of the bill if Lyons would pay an equal amount and Dudek would agree to forgo the rest of the charge, but Dudek declined.

Lyons said that Albertini eventually told him he could go get his dog, but the dog died that day. Dudek refused to give him the dog’s body until he paid the bill. She was hateful and rude to him, Lyons said.

Dudek said on Tuesday she may have called him a name, but that was only after Lyons became irate and belligerent to her and her staff. Dudek said her staff was scared as Lyons was yelling and screaming, and one even got her gun because she felt endangered.

The clinic staff did not scan the chip in the dog, but that was only an oversight, Dudek said. The police brought the dog to the clinic on a Sunday when no one was there. The police have access to a dog pound area at Parsons Pet Hospital. Dudek added that she is not obligated to scan for chips, although she usually does. She said it is the dog owner’s responsibility to find their dog, and a simple phone call to the clinic would have done that.

“He was not taking the responsibility of looking for his dog,” Dudek said.

Lyons said he was unaware that the police take loose dogs to the clinic. He apparently didn’t call the police to ask if the dog had been picked up.

Dudek said the dog was emaciated to the point of being “skin and bones,” and she considered the dog to be neglected. A member of the Basic Animal Rights Committee put the dog up for adoption before Dudek could examine the dog. Once she did, the dog was removed from the adoption list. Dudek found a terrible tooth infection in the dog. A donor gave $100 for blood work, and Dudek found that the infection had led to end-stage kidney failure, so she euthanized the dog. The dog was given anesthesia, as all dogs are prior to a second life-ending injection, and the dog died before the second injection, she said.

Lyons said he took his dog’s body to another veterinarian to check on the cause of death. Dudek said the dog was taken to Oswego Veterinary Clinic, and she sent the dog’s records to that clinic upon request. She said she is glad that the dog was taken there so that at least another veterinarian can confirm what happened to the dog.

Lyons said he just wanted the commission to know what happened and how he was treated, but he also wants the city to do something about Dudek’s clinic failing to scan the chip.

“Something should be changed. Something should be done,” Lyons said.

Albertini said he and Police Chief Robert Spinks have spoken to Dudek about making sure dogs taken to her clinic are scanned. He said the city will ensure that happens moving forward. The requirement could be written into the next contract with Dudek, but Albertini didn’t think it was necessary to alter Dudek’s current contract, although he believes she would agree to the stipulation.

In other business Monday, the commission:

— Set 10 a.m. Aug. 12 as the time to receive bids on street improvements.

— Approved payment of $1,500 to HDR Engineering Inc. for work on the design of a wastewater treatment plant peak-flow pump station.

— Approved a firefighting contract for Brian Williams and Jennifer Metscher at 1699 23000 Road.

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