Tom Shaw will serve as mayor for the remainder of 2021 after being appointed to the position on Monday evening.

As expected, the Parsons City Commission elected Shaw as mayor and Leland Crooks as president of the board. Crooks’ appointment sets him up to become mayor in early January 2022.

The commission traditionally follows a set rotation for the two roles, with commissioners serving four-year terms eventually serving as president followed by a stint as mayor.

Before taking over the gavel on Monday, Shaw praised outgoing Mayor Jeff Perez for his leadership in a tough year. Shaw said 2020 probably was as challenging of a year as he can remember in his time on the commission. Shaw joined the commission in 2001.

“I think there’s a lot for me to learn in how you handled yourself and the commission over the year, and I appreciate it,” Shaw said.

Perez served with courage and grace and handled the commission meetings well despite the challenges, the new mayor said.

Shaw last served as mayor in 2016. He also had stints in 2003, 2007 and 2011. Shaw said being chosen as mayor again was humbling and that he hopes he can be at least partially as good as Perez. After thanking Shaw for his kind words, Perez assured Shaw he would do well as mayor.

As president of the board, Crooks will run the meetings in the absence of Shaw. He is serving his first term on the commission after being elected for four years in November 2019.

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