A Parsons man this week received a little more than six years in prison for drug distribution.

LaShawn D. Wade, 33, faced four drug distribution charges in Labette County District Court. Three of the charges were level two drug felonies that could have resulted in a minimum prison term of 105 months (nearly nine years) upon conviction. The fourth was a lower-level crime that could result in nearly five years in prison based on Wade’s criminal history. He pleaded to the sale of the smallest quantity of meth.

According to testimony in Wade’s preliminary hearing in August 2019, the KBI began investigating Wade in 2016 for drug distribution. An informant working with KBI Senior Special Agent Chris Farris set up the first drug purchase for Nov. 29, 2016, in the Dollar General parking lot. This is the charge to which Wade pleaded. Farris had audio and video recordings of the transaction and officers watched and listened from nearby. The informant bought what was supposed to be 2 grams of meth from Wade for $150. There was some miscommunication in the setup because the informant wanted to buy two eight balls of meth, or 7 grams, but Wade told the informant he brought only 2 grams. The actual weight was 1.15 grams.

The second transaction took place Dec. 15, 2016, in the parking lot of Peter’s Chinese restaurant. The informant purchased 7.15 grams from Wade for $450. On Dec. 15, 2016, the informant bought 6.94 grams of meth from Wade for $450 in the restaurant parking lot. The last transaction occurred Jan. 6, 2017, when the informant bought 10.5 grams of meth, three eight balls, from Wade for $650 in the Dollar General parking lot. All transactions were audio and video recorded.

In his plea, Wade agreed to take the maximum term allowed on the Kansas sentencing grid for his conviction, or 62 months. He also faces another 15 months in prison in two probation revocation cases. 

Recently, Judge Fred W. Johnson sentenced Wade to 77 months in prison on the conviction and for the probation revocations. Wade received credit for 590 days (nearly 20 months) he’s already served in jail awaiting conclusion of his case.

After his release, Wade will be on parole supervision for three years.

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