The value of construction projects receiving building permits in Parsons last month was far below the number from August 2018.

The city of Parsons issued 18 building permits in August for an estimated valuation of $117,179.11. That number was up from $660,052 in August 2018. The city issued 14 building permits in July 2019 for a total valuation of $73,927.

The year-to-date construction valuation reached $1,361,780.50, down significantly from $10,252,035.29 after the first eight months last year. Last year’s total received a big boost from the beginning of the Holiday Inn Express project at 1500 Cattle Drive in June and an adjacent conference center. Construction continues on that project worth an estimated $7,729,000.

The city decided to limit the amount of information released on its building permit reports beginning with July’s. Although permit numbers are increasing, the city staff thinks residents and businesses are more likely to get a permit when their personal information is not shared. Therefore, the city has discontinued including owner names and addresses on each permit in its reports. Rob Gartner, city building inspector and code enforcer, earlier this year said he planned to step up enforcement of the permit requirement. 

Projects permitted last month were:

— Concrete pad and storage shed, $32,000.

— Window replacement, siding, 12-foot by 8-foot porch, $9,000.

— Replacement of fluorescent lights with LED on signage, $10,000.

— Four-foot chain-link fence, $931.11.

— Monument sign and four sets of channel letters, $15,000.

— Replacement of six antennas and remote radio heads on a cell tower, $15,000.

— Six-foot chain-link fence, $4,500.

— Monument sign and wall sign, $2,000.

— Six-foot privacy fence, $4,900.

— Chain-link fence to secure dumpster, $500.

— Total roof tear off and replacement, $5,500.

— Commercially printed wall signage (41-foot by 22-foot), $4,548.

— Total roof tear off and replacement, $5,000.

— Welded wire fence (4-foot by 120-foot), $500.

— Six-foot privacy fence, $300.

— Total roof tear off and replacement, $4,500.

— Six-foot chain-link fence, $3,000.

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