Domino's Commercial

Emily Elwell, owner of the Parsons Domino’s Pizza, is featured in a nationwide commercial.

The local Domino’s Pizza franchise owner was surprised in the spring when she was asked to be featured in a nationwide commercial that started airing last week.

“They just gave me a phone call and asked if I was interested in doing it,” Emily Elwell said.

Dan and Emily Elwell own the Parsons Domino’s, 2105 Main St., along with nine other Domino’s franchises in Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. They started their first Domino’s about nine years ago.

Both of the Elwells were invited to be in the commercial. The shoot was rescheduled just a few days before the original date, however, and Dan Elwell decided to go to his son’s baseball tournament instead.

Elwell’s portion of the commercial was shot over two days in June in Fort Scott, Webb City, Missouri, and Nevada, Missouri. The commercial focuses on Domino’s delivery insurance, which guarentees free pizza replacement when an order is incorrect.

Elwell said in the commercial that it hurts franchise owners’ pride when an order is not correct and that customers only need to make a claim and Domino’s will “make it right.” She is seen quickly making dough after telling workers that an order needs to be expedited. That portion was filmed inside the Fort Scott Domino’s. Later, Elwell is seen delivering pizzas in Webb City, Missouri, and Nevada, Missouri.

Elwell said actual workers and customers were featured in the commercial, which also includes another franchise owner. 

Elwell said Domino’s chose customers on Facebook with the intention to surprise them on film. Two other customers’ orders were made incorrectly on purpose to surprise them as well. They all got a few free pizzas and a $125 Domino’s gift card. Elwell said at some stops she had to deliver the pizza four or five times in a row, and she thought it was interesting that the customers’ reactions were different each time. She also thought it was interesting to see what was chosen from the two days of shooting to be used in the 30-second commercial.

“I thought it came out pretty good,” Elwell said of the result. “I was happy with it.”

The workers were excited about the commercial for a while, but then it was back to business as usual. Five or six were chosen for the commercial. Elwell said they were in line for makeup when they saw the commercial crew struggling to fold pizza boxes while setting up a shot. They couldn’t stand it and had to go make sure the task was done correctly.

The commercial debuted nationwide on Sept. 3. Elwell said her best friend texts her every time she sees it. The commercial also can be viewed on YouTube by searching for “Domino’s Delivery Insurance Commercial.”

Elwell usually tries to visit all of the franchises once a month. She has been to the Parsons location many times since it opened this year, but her stops here became less frequent after the local crew gained experience.

“The team at Parsons has knocked it out of the park,” Elwell said.

The Parsons Domino’s has had the highest customer satisfaction of all of the Elwell’s franchises.

“They’re very proud of that,” Elwell said.

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