Students and staff in one classroom at Garfield School were placed in quarantine Tuesday following notification Monday night from the Labette County Health Department of a confirmed COVID-19 case.

The origin of exposure is thought to be outside the school.

“We were notified by the health department, and administration notified all the parents of all the students in that classroom, as well as the staff in that classroom,” Parsons USD 503 Superintendent Lori Ray said Tuesday afternoon. “We contacted them last night and let them know. We provided the health department their contact information, and the health department contacted all the parents and staff today and informed them they will be on a 14-day quarantine.”

Parents were able to come to the school and pick up computer devices so students could continue to learn from home and not miss school.

The district has attempted, where possible, to keep class sizes down to minimize the number of persons who would be affected by potential quarantines.

“Everything went smoothly,” Ray said. 

The parents will monitor their children for the next 14 days at home and if any exhibit symptoms they would take them to the doctor or for a COVID test. If they don’t exhibit symptoms, after 14 days, once they are released by the health department, they can return to school.

“It was not a matter of if it would happen. It was a matter of when it would happen, and we knew that. We also  knew we had taken every precaution we could take, so we felt good about that. We felt we had a plan in place, and when it happened we took the necessary steps and people were notified.

“We’ve had other staff that have been quarantined  as a close contact and have taught from home, and it has worked out fine,” Ray said.

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