An Independence man recently pleaded to a low-level felony that will likely end in probation.

Dominique D. Thornton, 23, Independence, was charged with aggravated robbery in Labette County District Court. The amended charge alleging criminal threat was filed recently and Thornton pleaded to the charge last week.

Thornton was to face trial this month, but that was canceled because of the plea.

Thornton and two others, Oshey Armstrong, 23, Cherryvale, and Alexander Steinle, 24, were arrested following a Parsons police investigation of a shooting near the downtown area. Police learned of the robbery while investigating the shooting.

The alleged robbery took place at the home of Martinez Tutt, 1620 Belmont (the house was razed recently), on June 22, 2016. Police were called to Tutt’s home at 8:30 a.m. that day after being told of a possible shooting. It was reported that one person was shot and received a non-life-threatening injury. Tutt and Thornton ended up at Labette Health.

The robbers allegedly were after marijuana in a black Crown Royal bag in Tutt’s home, according to a probable cause affidavit filed in the case, but they left the bag behind after Tutt fired two bullets into the front window of his home from the yard. One bullet struck Thornton in the leg. Besides Thornton, others in the home were Steinle and Armstrong. Kyle Dickens, now 19, but a juvenile at the time, was at the house, too, during the robbery. Tutt was beaten by Steinle and Armstrong and testified that Thornton used a Taser-like device on him. Dickens apparently was tased as well.

Steinle was convicted of aggravated robbery. He’s serving 30 months in prison on the Labette County charge and he’s facing prison time for other cases. He was also to pay $2,133.34 in restitution for Tutt’s medical bills, along with Armstrong. Armstrong pleaded to misdemeanor battery and received probation. His probation was revoked recently and he received another 12-month term on probation.

Thornton will be sentenced on Nov. 19.

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