OSWEGO — Labette County commissioners on Thursday approved three resolutions transferring more than $1 million from the road and bridge budget to special funds used for road and bridge work and machinery purchases.

The last meeting of the year generally involves such transfers from the road and bridge budget to the directed funds. Sandy Krider, Public Works director, presented the transfer requests to the commission.

One resolution transferred $500,000 to the special machinery fund. This fund now carries a balance of $1,564,574.80. This money is set aside to make purchases of large machinery, such as dump trucks and road graders, or used for the quarry operation. Road graders can cost about $250,000 each. 

Another resolution transferred $500,000 to the special highway fund, which is used for road projects. With the transfer, the fund carries a balance of $1,478,786.74. Each year the county chips and seals a couple dozen miles of roads.

The final of the three resolutions transferred $125,359.04 to the special bridge reserve fund. This money is used to repair bridges and Krider said the hope is to replace a couple of bridge decks this year. With the transfer, this fund carries a balance of $1,085,560.56.

With the transfers, Krider estimates the cash carryover for the road and bridge budget will be $748,687.63. The department is required to carry over a certain amount each year and Krider said that amount is over what is required.

Krider is working on compiling a list of all Public Works equipment for commissioners to review for making purchase decisions for the coming years. Commissioners will review this later in January.

Also on Thursday, Commissioner Lonie Addis announced the board would not meet on Monday as planned. The commission was to review wind farm research recommendations from the panel researching the topic. Addis said he would rather hold that discussion until Commissioner-elect Brian Kinzie is sworn in on Jan. 11.

Commissioners also met in closed session with Sheriff Darren Eichinger for 15 minutes to discuss attorney-client privileged information on Thursday. County Counselor Brian Johnson was included in the meeting by phone. No action followed.

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