Skateboarders battle rain,      rails and ramps in competition

Zachary Correll, a Parsons skateboarder, grinds his board across a rail before landing successfully during the Parsons Recreation Commission’s 11th annual Battle for the Cup skateboard contest at PKY Skate Park Saturday.


The rain on Saturday didn’t deter skateboard enthusiasts to participate in the 11th annual Battle for the Cup skateboard contest hosted by Parsons Recreation Commission at PKY Skate Park. 

Early storms made the ramps slick, which posed a safety risk for participants, but competitors and PRC Sports and Events Director LaKaito Barr-Miller used towels and absorbent cloths to dry off ramps and rails before the competition.

“They’re really not afraid to get out there,” laughed Barr-Miller, who thanked everyone for signing up. “We were a little afraid about a dip in sign-ups, but we’ve still got a good crowd. The plus side is that everyone participating today will walk away with some awesome prizes donated by a lot of great businesses.”

Barr-Miller thanked Holly Winkler, owner of The Gym and Magman’s Corner, 1927 Washington, for providing power that allowed them to use outdoor speakers.

Assisting Barr-Miller with the set-up was skateboarder and emcee Tommy Walters, a former Coffeyville native who now lives in Joplin. Walters also brought Joplin skateboarders.

“I love coming out here,” Walters said during sign-in. “I’m so glad the city of Parsons shows love to the skateboarding community and continues to put this event on every year. It’s always a blast working with LaKaito, too. Whatever he needs help with I’m there.”

Walters has been helping with the local contest off and on for the last eight years

“You gotta give these guys credit, though. It’s not easy landing tricks for one, but especially doing it in front of a crowd. I love watching everyone out here. There’s some really talented skaters.”

Local skateboarder Zachary Correll said he’s been doing it for well over 15 years and played a role in bringing attention to the city’s need for a skateboard.

“We always got chased from the streets, or parking lots. It’s great though that the city got us our own area to safely skate,” Correll said. “Sometimes we’d go to the park, but for some businesses we understood it was a liability if we fell and got hurt. And sometimes you fall a lot, as these guys can attest to.”

Originally planned for around 20 people, there were at least 10 who took home cups, medals and prizes from two divisions:

Intermediate winners

1st place - Jacob Arrowood

2nd place - Zachary Correll

3rd place - Dylan Casteel

4th place - Jotham Pullen

5th place - Brandon Dixon


Advanced winners

1st place - Payton Hamilton

2nd place - Erek Schleve

3rd place - Christopher Hill

4th place - Blake Sutterfield

5th place - Marcus Baca

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