A Parsons man is facing two serious charges and seven other mid- to lower-level felonies after Parsons police investigated a domestic violence call.

Police on Sunday arrested Johnathon Quinton Ray Jones, 20, 2326 Crawford, on suspicion of aggravated domestic battery. He was charged this week in Labette County District Court with 12 crimes. The primary offense is aggravated kidnapping, a level one felony that is requires a minimum term of 12 years in prison upon conviction. He’s also charged with aggravated robbery, a high-level felony; aggravated sexual battery, a mid-level felony; aggravated intimidation of a witness, a mid-level felony; four counts of aggravated domestic battery, all lower-level felonies; aggravated endangering a child, a lower level felony; two counts of domestic battery, both misdemeanors; and criminal restraint, also a misdemeanor.

All crimes occurred Sunday and involved Jones’ girlfriend. One charge involved an infant.

Police released few details in the case. Police Chief Robert Spinks said he was grateful that witnesses were able to call 911 and report the crime before more serious harm was done.

Jones made a first appearance on the charges Tuesday. He will return to court on Sept. 29.


In other cases:

— Jack T. Melton, 32, 305 S. 22nd, made a first appearance Aug. 27 on a complaint alleging attempted second degree murder, a level three felony, and aggravated endangering a child, a lower level felony. The complaint alleges that on Aug. 25 Melton strangled a woman with “extreme indifference to the value of human life” and did so while the woman was holding her child. Police were told that Melton attacked the woman from behind by punching her and then putting her in a choke hold while making homicidal comments. This led the alleged victim to fear for her life. She was able to break free. She grabbed one of their two children and left the house to contact law enforcement. During the struggle a 1-year-old boy suffered non-life-threatening injuries, according to a release from Parsons police. Melton had left the residence with their 3-year-old child, according to the alleged victim, and traveled to a family member’s house in Altamont, where Altamont police found him and detained him. Parsons Police Cpl. Ryan Shirk drove to Altamont and arrested Melton on suspicion of attempted second degree murder, abuse of a child and aggravated child endangerment. Melton is jailed on a $100,000 bond. His next court date is unavailable.

— John David Coates, born in 2000, 1016 S. 15th, is charged with aggravated indecent liberties with a child and criminal sodomy, both level three felonies related to crimes that happened July 14 involving a child between the age of 14 and 16. He’s also charged with indecent solicitation of a child, a mid-level felony. He is to receive a competency evaluation through Labette Center for Mental Health Services in Parsons. Coates returns to court on Oct. 6.

— Preston V. Elsworth, born in 1998, 1410 S. 25th, was ordered to stand trial for aggravated assault and criminal threat, both lower level felonies. He is accused of threatening his then girlfriend with a loaded handgun and making a verbal threat. His former girlfriend testified this week that Elsworth didn’t point the gun at her during an argument, but he got a gun out after he found out she was talking to someone on the phone. Elsworth will return to court Nov. 3 for arraignment.

— Wyatt E. Higgins, 26, Frontenac, received eight months in prison for aggravated battery, a lower-level felony. The prison term was suspended, based on Higgins’ limited criminal history, and he received probation for a year. He is to receive a mental health evaluation focusing on anger management and follow recommendations of his treatment team at Mosaic. He battered a woman in October 2020. The charge was a mid-level felony, which would have required a prison term, but it was reduced in a plea to a crime that required probation. Another case was also dismissed as part of the plea.

— Steven M. Leon, 31, of Parsons made a first appearance on Thursday on a charge of fleeing and eluding, a felony. He’s also charged with multiple misdemeanors related to a police chase early Monday morning that started in the 2200 block of Crawford. Leon will return to court on Oct. 5, when he’s scheduled for sentencing in a different case. His bond was set at $7,000.

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