A Parsons man will stand trial for attempted murder and other charges because of an argument that led to gunfire at a local convenience store parking lot.

Levonie Quintett Bush, 33, 708 N. Central, is charged in Labette County District Court with attempted second-degree murder, a high-level felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison. He’s also charged with aggravated battery, a mid-level felony, criminal discharge of a firearm (a handgun, no make or model listed), criminal possession of a firearm by a felon and two counts of aggravated endangering a child, all felonies. Bush was convicted of two counts of robbery in Kansas City, Kansas, in 2012. He received a prison term and was paroled in 2017. Because of those convictions he’s restricted from firearm possession.

A Parsons woman was arrested also that night, though her arrest is not tied to the shooting. The complaint alleges that Tammy L. Farran, born in 1968, 708 N. Central, hid or concealed Bush when police were looking for him in her house. She is charged with interference with a law officer, a low-level felony. A diversion review is set Nov. 15 in her case.

The shooting happened Tuesday night, May 11, in the parking lot of Pete’s, 1430 Main. Dispatchers received multiple 911 and administrative calls about the shooting. 

A security video at the convenience store recorded the events. The video was not shown at a recent preliminary hearing.

Parsons Detective Lt. Sherri McGuire testified that she interviewed the alleged victim in the case, Chelsea Shultz. Shultz told the detective that she was in the store to get a drink and cigarettes when Bush confronted her. She left the store and he left as well. He called her a name. She turned around and Bush punched her in the face. Shultz believed that Bush knocked her out. She did not remember much after the punch other than she remembered shooting, McGuire said.

Shultz suffered a fractured skull and a fracture of the orbital bones around one eye.

McGuire said police also collected a Glock 22 .40-caliber pistol, a magazine for the gun and Bush’s clothing (which matched the description given by witnesses at the store) from Farran’s house during a search.

Police Sgt. Joel Franklin testified that police recovered 11 bullet casings in the parking lot, along with some slugs. One bullet struck the wheel of the car Shultz was hiding near, and police recovered it in the tire. Franklin said just the act of him dislodging the clip, opening the chamber and inspecting the weapon for safety reasons left black marks on his fingers, indicating the weapon had been fired recently. The Glock and magazine had no bullets; the magazine holds 15 bullets and the chamber one.

Officers found Bush in the bathroom on North Central. He tossed a suspected marijuana cigarette on the bathroom floor and tried to step on it while officers tried to arrest him. 

Shultz testified briefly. Her testimony generally tracked with McGuire’s. She didn’t have much memory of events after being knocked out. She testified that Bush thought she stole something from him, which she denied doing. When she left the store, he followed her out and called her a name. She turned around and Bush clocked her.

Bush’s attorney Linus Thuston asked Shultz about her criminal history, which the judge allowed over the objections of the prosecutor, County Attorney Mandy Johnson. Shultz testified she had theft convictions. Shultz has a criminal history score C and her record includes three misdemeanor thefts, two in district court and one in Parsons Municipal Court, along with other violations.

Other witnesses who were at the convenience store at the time testified about what they heard and saw.

After testimony, Thuston disputed any evidence was presented that his client attempted to murder Shultz. While bullets were fired at the car she was hiding near, only one struck it. Lead fragments were found elsewhere but the car sustained no other damage. He said the charge of aggravated assault fit the facts.

Judge Steve Stockard ordered Bush tried on all charges. Arraignment will be Nov. 17. Bush remains jailed.


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