Parsons city commissioners plan to revoke the city’s ban on pit bulls.

Commissioners on Monday unanimously agreed to remove the section of the animal ordinance that states pit bull dogs are prohibited.

“This is something that’s been brought up a time or two over the past several months. … My hope is, anyway, that we could remove the breed-specific ban on pit bulls,” said Mayor Tom Shaw at the beginning of the discussion.

Under the current ordinance, Staffordshire bull terriers, American pit bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers or a combination of these breeds are considered pit bulls by the city.

“I’m for doing away with breed-specific,” said commissioner Kevin Cruse.

City Attorney Ross Albertini will return to the commission at the next meeting with the ordinance reflecting the removal of the pit bull ban.

“I don’t think we need a new ordinance,” Albertini said. “… We’re not replacing anything; we’re just removing pit bull references.”

The city banned pit bulls in 1997.

Parsons’ ordinance still lists owning a “vicious dog” as against the law.

“Vicious dog deals with that dog that bites somebody,” Albertini said.

Not all dogs who bite a person or people are considered vicious as a municipal judge decides in court whether a dog is or not, Albertini said.

“You don’t have a vicious animal unless that animal has been declared vicious by the court,” he said.

People who attended Monday night’s meeting expressed support for doing away with the pit bull ban.

“I do not feel that there is a breed-specific that is bad,” said Angela Johnson, a Parsons resident. “I feel that it is up to the raising of the dog. And it may be just that you don’t have the skills to train a dog.”

Albertini said he will dive into the vicious dogs piece more with commissioners in the future.

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