Putting one’s faith in God and trusting him to guide our lives can be one of the most difficult things for some to do.

Wild Horse Ministries will try to help people understand that relationship with God during its Round Pen of Life event at 3 p.m. Sunday in the Parsons State Hospital and Training Center’s covered arena on the north side of the campus, 2601 Gabriel, in Parsons. The event, sponsored by the Western Way Cowboy Church of Altamont, is free to the public.

Wild Horse Ministries held its first service in 1997. It was founded by Joanna Daily and her husband, Paul, who had worked with and trained horses all his life. Because of his techniques, Mr. Daily is sometimes referred to as a horse whisperer.

“I’ve actually been to two or three of his presentations,” event coordinator Jim Cerne said of minister Paul Daily’s events, showing similarities between man’s relationship with God and a horse and trainer. “He’s from Louisiana, but he makes a tour throughout the country yearly. He’s only home a couple months a year. He goes to various churches and puts on these presentations. He ties our work with horses to our walk with God. The most important thing is gaining trust and faith in the horse. The horse has faith you’re not going to hurt him and trusts you to do what he is asked to do.”

Paul Daily takes the audience through 10 steps or similarities while actually working with a horse in a round pen.

“I have seen him where they brought a wild mustang in from the hills out in Colorado. They brought him in a trailer and put him into the round pen. You know they are mean. They don’t trust people. When they turned him into the pen, he went bananas trying to figure out how to get out of it and when Mr. Daily got into the pen with him, he actually came after him. He was all teeth and feet,” Cerne said. “This was about a five-hour deal, but after he got done he had the horse where it would lay down at command. He had the horse where he could ride him. He rode him around the ring. He eventually was shooting a pistol over his head and then he opened the gate and rode out. He built total faith in that horse and that’s the way God is. He wants us to trust him that what he does is for our benefit.”

The Parsons event is going to be about a two-hour presentation because of time restraints. Therefore, Mr. Daily didn’t want a wild mustang. Instead he will begin with a 2- or 3-year-old horse that has had a halter on but nothing else.

Cerne said the event is spiritually moving, whether one works with horses or not. Persons from all walks of life have attended the events.

At the events Cerne attended, he said there were some individuals who actually accepted Christ as their Lord.

“They were actually baptized at the same place. The preacher was there and Paul Daily is an ordained minister himself,” Cerne said.

There are a few bleacher seats at the arena, but the public is encouraged to bring folding chairs just in case.

“The whole theory of the Cowboy Church is nothing but preaching the Bible and letting people know you don’t have to have a suit and a tie and a fancy church with all the decorations in it to find and follow the Lord.”

For further information about the Parsons event, contact Cerne at (620) 778-3403 and for more information about the ministry, visit wildhorseminisries.com.

Refreshments will be served. A love offering will be taken up if someone wants to help support Daily in his ministry.

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