Parsons police investigated a report of a home invasion on Tuesday night, but the alleged victim in the case refused to cooperate with officers.

The report of the robbery in the 700 block of North 26th came in at 10 p.m. Tuesday.

When police arrived they learned that two males entered the house armed with handguns. The homeowners were gone, and a friend of the owner’s was struck in the head. There were four children in the house at the time, but they were in another room, away from the confrontation, according to a release from Parsons police. The homeowners returned during the invasion and the man was immediately assaulted as well. It was reported that $200 was stolen. 

The homeowner and victim displayed animosity toward law enforcement and demanded that they leave without concluding their investigation. The victim, a convicted felon, refused to cooperate. Officers left without pertinent information to move the case forward.

In Kansas there is no basis to charge a crime if the victim is not willing to participate and give information for the case. The Fourth Amendment gives citizens the right to privacy even if that puts their family in danger.

“This is a sad day for the Parsons community,” said Parsons Police Chief Robert Spinks. “Here we have the opportunity to investigate a potentially solvable crime and the victim in the case has ill feelings toward law enforcement and refuses our assistance.”

He said the alleged victim called police but officers were ushered off the property before the investigation began.

“This leads officers to believe that this convicted felon could be also involved in other criminal activities. We want to solve crimes. That is our job. We are here to do that very thing and have been stonewalled by multiple citizens who have been victimized by these targeted acts. This means that either criminals are committing crimes against other criminals or that citizens are being bullied into not talking to the police out of fear. If any police department has a chance of success it needs the collective help from the citizens it serves,” Spinks said.

This crime, much like others recently, appears to be targeted and is not a random act, police said.

“We continue to push forward and again ask the citizens of Parsons to call us in case of an emergency, or you suspect criminal or suspicious activity,” said Police Commander Mike Powell. “We are here to help. Please don’t fall trap to the few negative citizens that make frequent posts on social media. The majority of the anti-police collective are about a combined 20 citizens. Please don’t let them influence your opinion on the efforts of your local police department.”

This continues to be an ongoing investigation and citizens are encouraged to “see it, hear it, report it.” Anyone with further information on this incident or any other criminal activity can contact the Parsons Police Department at 421-7060 or call the tip line at 421-7057 or email

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