Holding Flowers opens in downtown Parsons

Dakota Holding creates a birthday floral arrangement in her new shop, Holding Flowers and More, 105 S. 18th St.


With 37 orders to fill, a St. Paul woman decided it was time to move her floral shop from her home to a downtown Parsons building.

Dakota Holding opened Holding Flowers and More in May at 105 S. 18th St., the location that most recently had been the home of an art gallery, Thirsty Imagination.

Before opening a new business, Holding was the stay-at-home mother of four children while her husband, James, worked in Parsons. James Holding was injured at work when he fell from a rail car, so he has been off work for a while. With her husband available at home to take care of the couple’s four children, Holding decided it was time for her to work and to follow her dreams.

Holding’s aunt, Pam Ewing, had owned and operated Petals By Pam out of her own home in St. Paul until multiple sclerosis led her to close the floral shop about three years ago. Ewing had all of her supplies still in storage, so she proposed that Holding open her own floral shop.

Holding had been running Holding Flowers from her house for about two months, but when she received 37 orders for Mother’s Day, Holding decided it was time to relocate.

“So it was around Mother’s Day that we got in here and got going,” Holding said.

The orders came from St. Paul, Pittsburg and Parsons. Holding also delivers to Girard and Oswego.

Holding is somewhat new to the floral business, although she did help her aunt during special occasions such as Valentine’s Day. Holding has had experience in crafting, and she found a correlation between that and floral arrangement.

“I feel it comes natural with the crafting eye,” she said.

Holding has enjoyed her new business so far and has kept busy running the shop by herself.

“I love the flower industry, and it’s been fun,” Holding said.

Holding also sells wreaths, gift items, T-shirts and jewelry.

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