Rosie the robot

Oswego Health and Rehab administrator Sharla Hopper removes a dessert and drink from a tray delivered by Rosie the robot to serve it to resident Charlotte Frazier. The nursing home is one of four in the country managed by Mission Health that is piloting the robot in some aspects of daily living to assess how much more time it allows staff to spend with residents.

OSWEGO — Robots are being placed on the staff of restaurants and hotels as cheaper labor to serve customers, in some capacities replacing humans while creating a memorable experience for guests.

The robots deliver drinks or food to a table, or food, beverages, towels or other amenities to guest rooms. Some robots carry luggage. In Japan, the Henn na Hotel uses robots at the front desk for check-in and the Hilton in Virginia has a concierge robot named Connie. Some say it allows more time for servers and staff to interact with customers.

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