Two time capsules will be placed when construction of the new Labette Community College athletic complex is completed, one containing remnants of a time capsule from 1987 and one from 2021.

Employees of CDL Electric and Hucke Construction uncovered a concrete container during excavation on the west side of the Labette Community College gymnasium a couple of weeks ago as they did ground work for the new athletic complex. It was believed the concrete box, sealed with silicon, contained a time capsule buried when the gym was dedicated in 1987. Newspaper articles said the time capsule was to be opened Nov. 29, 2037.

When the concrete box was moved from the excavation site, the construction crew reported water leaking from it.

College officials decided to remove the lid and transfer the container inside into a different vessel that would house it, along with a new time capsule that would be put together for the dedication of the new athletic complex. 

When the concrete lid was removed from the old container, college personnel found it had several inches of water in the bottom, and the anticipated canister containing items was actually two plastic bags.

“A few of the items within the bags had been ruined by the water damage,” LCC public relations director Bethany Kendrick said. “The damaged items appeared to be a cloth material of some kind, possibly a shirt or sweatshirt. The other item was something paper, possibly a textbook.”

Whatever the items were, she said they were “very disintegrated.”

“Some paper contents had been placed in zip-lock bags, which appeared mostly intact,” Kendrick said. “We are working on drying and preserving those items so they may be placed back into the new location for the time capsules. We plan to find a location on an interior wall, with easier access than excavation of ground to place the original time capsule and the new capsule. We plan to place a plaque/signage on the wall to identify it. It was discussed possibly creating some type of enclosure in a wall.”

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