Kelsey Ross, 7, poses in her unicorn princess costume with Fluffy the goat while sharing a laugh with Daylyn Fesmire, 7, who was with her meat goat, Snap, during the look-alike contest at the Labette County Fair in Oswego on Thursday evening.

OSWEGO — From flashing fireworks to pink princesses, the look-alike contest had an assortment of creative styles as participants showcased chosen themes with a special animal joining them Thursday night at the 108th Labette County Fair.

Divided into two age groups, kindergarten through third grade and fourth grade and up, eight contestants shared their story themes and were judged.

In the younger group, Daylyn Fesmire, 7, took first place with her meat goat, Snap. Kelsey Ross, 7, finished in second with her goat, Fluffy. Makayla Jones, 8, took third with her calf, Lilo.

For the older kids, Ryleigh Ross, 10, and her goat, Pongo, took the top honors. Owen Schertz, 10, and his goat, Rusty, captured second place. Gracie Gatton, 15, and her rabbit, Rebel, took third.

Owen and Rusty were “keeping busy doing Batman stuff this week at the county fair,” as both were dressed as the superhero.

There were also unicorn princesses such as Kelsey and Fluffy. According to her theme, both “spend most of their time in the magical forest, eating their favorite meal, cheese pizza and brownies.”

Ryleigh dressed herself as Perdita with her goat as Pongo from the Disney movie, “101 Dalmatians.” They “enjoy walking through the quiet park and eating their favorite meal ‘K-9 Krunchies.’”

Other contestants included Lizzy Brothers, 10, with her calf, Boogie Man, and Kinsley Lassen, 9, with her rabbit, Dagger. 

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