CHETOPA — A Chetopa woman hopes to bring a farmers market to her hometown.

The Chetopa City Council during an Aug. 20 meeting discussed an email from Bobbi Williams.

Williams would like the city to set up a registered farmers market in the town. She offered to create a proposal and present to the council but first wanted to know if the city is interested in setting up a market.

The city council had questions about the proposed farmers market before answering if there is interest in it. The city planned to ask Williams to attend the next council meeting to discuss the idea.


Culvert policy

In another matter during the Aug. 20 meeting, City Clerk Toni Crumrine requested a policy regarding the installation of culverts in the city.

There has been an inconsistency in what the city charges for culvert installation. Recently someone requested a drive into a pasture.

At a residence, one culvert is placed by the city and maintained, and if a second drive is wanted, the resident pays for the other culvert. The issue is that in some instances, a resident has paid for the rock, the culvert or both, and the city has supplied the labor. Crumrine wanted a policy so that there is no doubt what the property owners would pay for.

The council determined that the first culvert would be installed at the expense of the city, and if a second culvert is requested the resident would be charged for the culvert and rock. For a drive into a pasture, the owner would be charged for the culvert and rock.

Crumrine planned to draft an ordinance so the council could formerly adopt the policy.


In other business the council:

— Approved a charter ordinance to set the time for the swearing-in of new city council members following November elections and for the terms of outgoing members to end. Newly elected members will be sworn in during the first meeting of January, no later than the second Monday of the month.

— Heard that the Labette County clerk notified Crumrine concerning a petition Lisa Haney had filed to repeal the Veterans Park curfew recently set by city ordinance. The petition filing process had not been followed correctly, so Haney was told she would have to start over. Crumrine didn’t know if Haney had restarted the petition process. It would be too late for the question to be placed on the November ballot, so a special election would be needed if a valid petition is submitted.

— Signed an agreement with Labette Community College for the career and technical education program.

— Heard from Savannah and Luke Wethey about issues with their neighbor and discussed options they had to resolve the problem. The Wetheys were told they could sign a petition to close a portion of an unmaintained street or get a property survey.

— Discussed properties and ditches that needed to be mowed. Councilwoman Geraldine Castle also noted there is a lot of grass being thrown in the street when people are mowing, which poses a safety issue for motorcyclists. The issue had been discussed previously, and Crumrine planned to review that discussion.

— Agreed to have a citywide cleanup Sept. 9-23.

— Agreed to have an ordinance prepared by Adamson to be presented at the next meeting. The ordinance would allow the city to enforce Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism park regulations.

— Met in executive session for 30 minutes to discuss nonelected personnel with Police Chief Scott Feagan and Labette County Sheriff Darren Eichinger. The council then accepted the resignation of officer Corey Brown.

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