A Parsons woman pleaded no contest to two burglary charges on Monday.

Initially, Karla J. Lassen, born in 1984, 1709 Stevens, was charged in one case with aggravated burglary, a mid-level felony, and three misdemeanors: theft, possession of alprazolam and possession of drug paraphernalia (needles and spoons with white residue). In the second case, she was charged with burglary and theft, both lower-level felonies.

Lassen was accused of breaking into an apartment on Sept. 12 and stealing a purse from a neighbor while the neighbor or someone else was in the apartment. The second case relates to a July 18 burglary in Parsons in which Lassen allegedly stole a wooden cradle, an end table, a corner table and a leather-covered table.

Lassen pleaded no contest to two amended charges: attempted aggravated burglary and nonresidential burglary, both felonies. In exchange, the county attorney agreed to dismiss the remaining counts.

Lassen told the court she was extremely sorry for her actions and said she got a taste of what it was like to have her home burglarized, as her house was pilfered while she was in jail. She said she was sorry she had made someone else feel that way and told the court she accepts responsibility for what she had done.

For attempted aggravated burglary she was sentenced to 20 months, and for nonresidential burglary she was sentenced to 12 months. Those sentences were suspended under the plea agreement, and Lassen was placed on probation for 24 months and ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $2,167.

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