CHETOPA — A Chetopa property owner likely will try to fight a ticket for keeping a horse in town.

Property owner Brenda Carter and horse owner Amanda Moore, who keeps her horse on Carter’s property, discussed the ticket during a July 2 Chetopa City Council meeting.

The council approved an ordinance in December that prohibits keeping livestock, except for chickens, in city limits unless they are kept on at least 2 acres of contiguous property that is properly fenced.

The Chetopa Police Department issued a citation to Moore for keeping her horse on Carter’s property, which is near Moore’s home. Moore will be fined $10 a day unless the horse is moved.

Carter told the council that she spoke with the Labette County appraiser’s mapping department and determined her property covered at least 2 acres. Attorney Shane Adamson, the city’s council, told Moore she needed to bring any evidence they had that proved the land meets the 2-acre requirement to the judge when she appears for the court date.


Mower bids

In another matter the council voted 2-1 to sell an old John Deere mower to Bill Moses for $605.53.

The city received four sealed bids: Mike Tyler, $157; Phillip Ronci, $153; Councilman Carthen Nash, $555.53; and B&J Lawn Service/Bill Moses, $50 over the highest sealed bid. The council discussed whether Moses’ bid was legitimate. City Clerk Toni Crumrine said Adamson didn’t like the bid but didn’t say it wasn’t a good bid.

Councilwoman Geraldine Castle voted against selling the mower to Moses, and Nash abstained. Councilman Gary Bryant and Councilwoman Betsy Koontz voted in favor of the sale. Councilwomen Juanita Kepner and Linda Seaman didn’t attend the meeting.

In other business the council:

— Discussed the 2020 budget. Jim Blundell suggested that the city check into the cost of videoing the sewer lines in lieu of smoke testing. The council requested a work session for 7 p.m. July 9 to make adjustments to the first budget draft.

— Approved an ordinance that renews the city’s neighborhood revitalization plan following a public hearing. No one spoke during the hearing.

— Approved a payment arrangement on a utility bill for Brenda Miller. She had a water leak, and her bill was $733.78.

— Heard from Police Chief Scott Feagan that a trailer parked in the 600 block of Elm on vacant lots was parked there until the owner returns to Chetopa to camp again.

— Met in executive session to discuss nonelected personnel three times for five minutes each.

— Agreed to start condemnation proceedings on a house at 107 Plum.

— Granted permission for police officers Corie Brown and Dalton Russell to fill in for the Oswego Police Department.

— Gave a committee the authority to offer a job after city helper interviews are conducted if the committee thinks there is a good candidate.

— Approved a building permit to allow Howard Hazley to move a 40- by 10-foot storage container to 1103 Locust St. The container already had been moved without a permit. Nash voted no.

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