Planners agreed Tuesday to support a special use permit to allow the construction of storage units on east Main Street.

The Parsons Planning Commission agreed on a 7-0 vote to recommend to the Parsons City Commission to grant Hai Do’s request for the special use permit. The property located east of Parsons Foursquare Church, 98 Main St., is zoned as agricultural district (A-1), which allows for commercial storage units but only under a special use.

Do plans to construct three 30-foot by 150-foot buildings to contain the storage units. He also will have space behind the buildings for the outside storage of boats, recreational vehicles, trailers, etc.

Do already has had some dirt work done on the property, and that has led to some concerns that the planners addressed on Tuesday.

Some of the dirt built above the level of the church parking lot has washed out. Planner David Larsen brought up the issue, and the rest of the commission agreed that Do should present a solution to the problem, such as a retaining wall, as a stipulation for the special use permit. The planners suggested Do talk to his dirt work contractor about the problem.

The planning commission also included in its recommendation for the permit that Do build screening on the west side of the property the length of the church except for a 35-foot setback from the street. The church property is zoned residential, and screening is usually required between property used for commercial use and a residential property. The screening could be a privacy fence, but there are other options.

Steve Schulze, Foursquare pastor, had another concern. He said the ditch at the church is filling with dirt and gravel after a second driveway was built into Do’s property. He worries that more gravel will continue to wash out onto the church property. Already, it’s nearly impossible to mow along the ditch.

“It’s definitely something that needs to be remedied,” Schulze said.

The planners included in their recommendation for the permit that the gravel issue also be addressed.

Also on Tuesday, the planning commission approved a final plat for Hai Do Addition.

Do is required to get a plat approved by the city because he is dividing his land into lots for the second time. The addition only consists of three lots, Do’s home on Queens Road south of Main Street, land north of his home and south of the church where he plans to build another home at some point and the storage unit lot.

The planners quickly approved the plat on Tuesday after they had reviewed it in a subcommittee meeting in February.

The city commission will consider both recommendations in its June 17 meeting, as long as Do is ready to present solutions to the issues revolving around the storage units.

In another matter Tuesday, the planning commission adjourned to meet as the Parsons Board of Zoning Appeals to consider a request for a side-yard variance from Chad Tyler for his property at 1723 Gabriel Ave. The board approved the variance, which will allow Tyler to build a 16-foot lean-to on the side of his garage.

The board also approved an 11-foot rear-yard variance that brings the existing garage into compliance. The garage was built in 1988, and the owner at the time received a building permit, but the city should have required a variance.

The planning commission will meet again June 18 if needed.

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