OSWEGO — The Kansas Bureau of Investigation says medical issues led to the death of a Labette County Jail inmate in his cell on Aug. 5.

Randall Bradley, 51, was pronounced dead in his cell after being found not breathing there about 4:30 a.m. Aug. 5. The KBI investigates jail deaths in Kansas.

Bradley had been in jail since Jan. 6 on suspicion of aggravated battery, aggravated kidnapping and criminal threat. His next court date was Nov. 18 as he waited for a new attorney to get up to speed in his case before taking it to jury trial.

Sheriff Darren Eichinger said Bradley had medical issues for which he refused treatment. Medication was given to Bradley, but he would not take them.

“You can’t force them to take it,” Undersheriff Clifford Davis said.

Bradley was in a two-man cell. His cellmate, Troy Sherman, apparently knocked on the cell door to get a jailer to check on Bradley. 

The jailer checked on Bradley, found him not breathing and initiated CPR, Eichinger said.

Eichinger said the jail staff followed protocols and that no changes in these systems would be needed because of the incident.

The KBI said the investigation is ongoing as it waits for Bradley’s final autopsy report.

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