A local manufacturing company has closed a Kansas City, Kansas, plant to move its operations to Parsons.

Magnum Systems Inc., the parent company of Taylor Products, bought the building at 2530 Morgan Ave. formerly owned and occupied by MJD Products in April, Magnum Systems CEO and president Travis Wallace said.

Not long after the purchase was finalized, Magnum Systems closed a machining center in Kansas City that makes rotary valves for Taylor Products, which makes custom packaging and container handling equipment.

The machining work now will be done at the company’s new Parsons location.

Wallace said the company already has hired three people, and a total of eight jobs will be added with the move.

Work at the machining shop has begun, and Wallace expects full production by the end of the month.

When trying to determine where to consolidate, one option was in Kansas City, but looking at the workforce involved in manufacturing and assembly work here, Wallace determined Southeast Kansans showed more dedication and brought more quality work to the jobs.

Magnum will maintain an office in Kansas City for engineering, sales and accounting. The test facility located at the Taylor Products plant at 2205 Jothi Ave. will be relocated to the Kansas City building.

That will give the company more manufacturing and assembly space at the Jothi building.

“We have to have room to expand,” Wallace said.

The company increased revenue by about $2.5 million last year over the previous year, and projections show the same increase this year.

The Morgan Avenue location was a good fit for the company’s machining shop. Other than moving in equipment, not much else was needed to get the facility ready.

“The building was in pretty good shape for what we were looking for,” Wallace said.

In addition to the machine shop, Taylor Products will relocate six offices and a conference room to the new building, freeing up additional space for manufacturing.

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