Under the city’s building codes, a building permit is required for any structural enlargement, alteration, repair, removal or conversion or to demolish any building or structure.

This includes:

— The addition or removal of dimensional lumber, equal component or structural component.

— Elements of the structure or building such as kitchen, bath or utility cabinets.

— Removal or replacement of windows, doors or siding.

— Removal or replacement of a roof.

— Fences.

— Storage buildings over 120 square feet.

— Garages. 

An electrical permit is required for:

— Any addition of a receptacle or lighting circuit, new wire or rewire of the receptacle or lighting circuit in all or a portion of a building or structure.

— Any new service entrance or panel board installation.

— The installation of an emergency generator or a solar panel system.

A plumbing permit is required for:

— Any addition of waste, drain, vent or potable water piping.

— Reconfiguration of restrooms, kitchen, bath or utility plumbing.

— New water or waste lines from the building or structure to city services.

— Installation of new or repair of existing natural gas piping.

— Hot water tank installation or replacement.

— Lawn sprinkler systems.

— Any fire sprinkler system and related piping.

A mechanical permit is required for:

— Installation or replacement of the heating and air conditioning system.

— Any addition, replacement or installation of system ductwork, including fresh air intake.

— Installation of ventilation fans and related ductwork.

— Installation of kitchen hood vents and related ductwork.

— Installation of boiler systems and related piping.

— Installation of air handling equipment.

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