The Parsons Police Department has launched a new website ( for citizens to access the department and some of its services.

The new website added features, including a citizen comment area and the ability to apply for a job. There is a page dedicated to pictures of events and officers. You can sign up for alerts that the police department puts out, such as traffic-related problems, new press releases and information on Amber Alerts or Silver Alerts. These alerts can be delivered via text message or email and you can sign up for them on the website. Crime tips may also be submitted through the website.

The Parsons Police Department will soon roll out some options for online reporting of a small portion of crime reports that do not have suspect information or evidence to collect. The department also will introduce an RUOK, pronounced Are You OK, system, which will launch mid-summer. RUOK is for the elderly population to have a method of being checked on daily by phone. Citizens will be able to sign up for it on the website in the future. This free phone reassurance program is designed to reach out to the community’s most vulnerable population.

“I am really excited to see this website launch. I launched the last updated site two years ago, but we were limited on just about everything we could do with it and quickly outgrew all its capabilities,” said Parsons Police Sgt. Jason Ludwig in a prepared statement. “Most Wanted Government has provided a much-needed facelift for the department.”

“I am looking forward to getting feedback from the citizens of Parsons on the new designs and new features that have been added,” Police Chief Robert Spinks said. “This will be a great opportunity for the Parsons Police Department to be even more accessible and transparent to the public and for our citizens to learn about events and keep up to date with our alert sign-up form. This is an exciting time for us.”

“This website has come along really well. We were blessed to work with such a great crew during the development and planning,” Ludwig said. 

“This updated new look for the website really shows how the department is making huge steps in bringing a better quality of policing to the city and its citizens,” Spinks said. “We will be rolling out more and more features and are excited to see them in action. We will update pictures as often as we can and add more relevant content to the website for people to follow. The ‘Rap Sheet’ podcast will continue to be posted to the site weekly and we are looking to be able to post videos in the near future. There are links on the page to direct citizens to our page as well. is an online neighborhood watch program that the Parsons Police Department also uses to involve the community with what is going on in the city.” 

The police department will continue to update the website and hopes that all community members with internet capability sign up for alerts or just visit the site to see what it is all about.

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