These items were taken from the Sun’s editions 20, 30 and 40 years ago.


Nov. 7-8, 1980

A 96-vote error made by the Labette County clerk’s office on election night had cost Republican Ronald Boyer the county attorney’s race he thought he won. A canvass of the votes made by county commissioners showed that the clerk’s office apparently misread the figures, a mistake that when corrected, gave incumbent Charles Gray, a Democrat, enough votes to retain his office.

The Chetopa Green Hornets regained the Bloody Bucket from the Oswego Indians. Sophomore Robert Kabrey plowed 1 yard for his third touchdown of the game with 20 seconds to play to tie the second battle of the season between the rivals. The PAT gave Chetopa the win. Kabrey also scored on an 80-yard kickoff return and a 30-yard interception return. Oswego got 148 yards on 24 carries from senior Shawn Cavitt. Darin Bohannon had five catches for 78 yards. David Branham passed to Bohannon for two Oswego scores. 


Nov. 7-8, 1990

The Parsons City Commission revised a proposal to increase sanitation rates to $6.50 per month, instead deciding that a $5.50 per month rate would be adequate. The existing rate was $4.75 and hadn’t increased for five years. Twice-per-week trash pickups would be continued under the rate increase until a recycling program could be put into effect.

Lonie Addis of Oswego resurrected his campaign to win his third term on the Labette County Commission in surprisingly strong fashion as a write-in candidate. In the unofficial tally, 1,325 voters wrote in Addis’ name. Democratic candidate Pat Robison of Chetopa followed with 829 votes, and Republican Fred Taylor of Oswego received 661.


Nov. 7-8, 2000

An estimate of overall damage from the April 19 tornado was about $35 million. The total insured loss was estimated at $21 million by the Kansas Insurance commissioners’ office. The estimate of $35 million was in a report prepared by Parsons disaster coordinator Megan Hughes. She used property appraisals from Labette County, the International Congress of Building Officials and the city building inspector’s assessment of damage, building permits, water hookups, information from the city economic development director and personal conversations to determine much of the information.

Jerry Carson, a Parsons Republican, ousted two-term 3rd District Commissioner Dale McBride 1,426 to 932 in the general election. Republican Brian Kinzie of Edna defeated Democrat Ben Minor 2,096 to 1,132 to win election to the 2nd District seat. 

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