These items were taken from the Sun’s editions 20, 30 and 40 years ago.


Nov. 21-22, 1980

The Frisco Railroad gave notice of an application to the Interstate Commerce Commission for abandonment of 2.1 miles of track, largely in Parsons. The trackage formerly served as a link in a Frisco route that ran through Parsons from Cherokee to Dennis and Cherryvale. Elimination of the trackage would mean that a bumpy crossing on the Frisco near 32nd and Main streets would be abandoned.

Preliminary 1980 U.S. Census figures placed Labette County’s population at 25,670, a decline of 95 from the 1970 total of 25,775. The Parsons figure was 700 higher than at first reported in July but still lower than in 1970. Parsons’ 1980 population was placed at 12,870, 145 below the 1970 total. The city had protested that the Census Bureau’s initial report didn’t include areas annexed into the city.


Nov. 21-22, 1990

A significant decline in the number of industrial inquiries about expansion into Southeast Kansas was further evidence of a recession, according to Don Munsell, executive director of Mid-America Inc. Munsell reported the figures during the regular meeting of the board of trustees of the regional, nonprofit industrial development corporation. He said the drop-off in expansion plans for industries was common across the nation as economists debated whether the country’s economy had entered into a recession.

The administrative judge for the 31st Judicial District was appointed to hear a legal challenge to a petition seeking the ouster of Labette County 2nd District Commissioner Joe Renfro. John White would preside over court hearings on Renfro’s legal challenge to the recall petition, said David Brewster, administrative judge for the 11th Judicial District.


Nov. 21-22, 2000

The Parsons City Commission flipped a coin to decide an appointment to the city’s board of zoning adjustments. City Manager Glen Welden told the commission that both candidates, Bob Booker and Manuel Perez, were well qualified for the position and staff was unable to recommend one over the other. The toss gave the appointment to Perez.

Parsons USD 503 school board members unanimously rejected a proposal to allow Parsons High School student athletes to have two failing grades and still participate in extracurricular activities. PHS Assistant Principal Ted Hill, who also was athletic director, and Parsons Middle School Assistant Principal Tim Fox proposed in September an alignment of district policy with the Kansas State High School Athletic Association’s policy of allowing two F’s. PHS allowed only one F, and the middle school allowed no F’s.

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