These items were taken from the Sun’s editions 20, 30 and 40 years ago.

March 21, 1979

State Sen. Michael Johnston, D-Parsons, offered an amendment to the House Transportation Committee that would propose a “super two-lane” toll road in Southeast Kansas be studied instead of a four-lane turnpike. Sen. Frank Gaines, D-Augusta, the other sponsor of a bill calling for a $100,000 feasibility study of the toll road, agreed to the suggestion. The amendment would provide the option of making the proposed road a controlled-access two- or three-lane toll road rather than a four-lane super highway. The committee took no action yet, but Johnston said he expected a vote soon. He suggested the option as an alternative between building a four-lane road or nothing. The “super two” would have a third passing lane in some areas.

Kerry Tener of Oswego was the only unanimous choice on the 1978-79 All-Mineral Belt League high school basketball team announced by league coaches. Three girls were named to the first team for the fourth year in a row. They were Cindy Hey and Beth Jones of McCune and Loretta VanLeeuwen of St. Paul. Along with Tener, the boys’ first team included Chris Carter of St. Paul, the only other repeat first-team selection. The first team also included Keke Barber of Chetopa and Ralph Ulery of McCune.

March 21, 1989

The district supervisor for the state Property Valuation Division told Labette County commissioners that she had spotted inequities in a cursory review of county reappraisal values. Maxine LuPardus, district appraiser for Labette, Neosho, Wilson and Montgomery counties, said she would visit commercial properties in the county to check values derived by Cole-Layer-Trumble, the firm contracted to complete Labette County’s reappraisal.

March 21, 1999

The investigation into the cause of the fire at Charloma Inc. in the Cherryvale Industrial Park was resuming. The investigation at Charloma, a fiberglass and plastics manufacturing plant, was halted when an unknown and potentially hazardous material was discovered in the plant. Cherryvale Mayor Randy Wagoner said a chemical container was damaged by the fire at the back of the building. A hazardous materials company, Haz-Mat Response Inc. of Olathe, was called in to identify and remove the materials. The fire on March 16 destroyed a large part of the manufacturing area of the main plant. A secondary plant, also located in the industrial park, produced plastics and was not affected by the fire. The fire also affected production at two Chanute are industries. Nu Way, a camping trailer maker, and Custom Cambers both halted production because they were reliant on plastic and fiberglass parts produced by Charloma.

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