These items were taken from the Sun’s editions 20, 30 and 40 years ago.


June 14, 1979

Parsons city officials with others across the state were contemplating the effect a state attorney general’s opinion issued on June 13 that called city and county bans on sale or use of fireworks invalid. Parsons, like other towns, put a ban on the sale, use or possession of bottle rockets in 1976 after years of fighting fires set by the rockets. Fire Chief Dean Sailsbury said since three roof fires left an estimated $8,000 loss in 1975, fires around the fourth of July had decreased because of the ban. Richard Dearth, city attorney, said he would have to read the opinion in detail, checking on the cases the attorney general cited as the basis for the ruling, before he decided the validity of the Parsons ordinance the course of action for Parsons on the Fourth of July.

A disagreement between two Labette County commissioners led to a postponement on a choice of a firm to design new facilities for the Parsons division of the district court. Commissioner Fred Taylor of Oswego said he was ready to designate the top firm recommended to the commissioners by a citizens advisory committee. Commissioner Perl Bass of Parsons said he wanted to talk to another firm before making a decision. Commissioner Dale Westervelt of Mound Vally wasn’t present at the meeting.


June 14, 1989

Depressed sales could cause DeWalt Inc., a whirlpool bath manufacturing plant, to close, Altamont and Labette County officials were told. A letter from Bill Wyckoff, president of Labette County State Bank, was presented to the Altamont City Council and members of the Labette County Economic Development Committee. The letter stated that Jerry DeWalt, company vice president, informed Wyckoff that DeWalt would not be able to continue the business because of poor sales. Wyckoff, whose bank was involved in financing for the building and equipment, said later that  the company’s problem could still be resolved. DeWalt indicated the firm was seeking a smaller building to cut its overhead costs.

Pizzo’s Pizza, 2017 Belmont, opened for business, offering homemade original recipe pizzas, sandwiches and buns for pickup and delivery. The family operated business picked up where the Pizzos left off when Pizzo’s Pizza east of Parsons on U.S. 160 was sold. Pizzo’s began business east of Parsons in 1973 and sold the business in November 1978. Owners of the business, Paul Pizzo and Bob Means, were offering original recipe pizza that Means said was popular in Chicago.


June 14, 1999

With a little money and a lot of faith, the board of trustees of Hidden Haven Christian Camp in Thayer set out to build a new girls dormitory. For 51 years, children had stayed at Hidden Haven. Since the existing dorms were 30 to 40 years old, an average of 600 to 700 children in grades one through 12 used them each summer. The 55 independent churches from Southeast Kansas and Northeast Oklahoma that were represented on the board didn’t want to go into debt, so they relied strictly on donations.

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