These items were taken from the Sun’s editions 20, 30 and 40 years ago.


Dec. 4, 1979

On Dec. 4, 1978, a grand jury called to investigate allegations of misconduct in Labette County offices inspected the county jail. The 15 members who toured the facility found exposed light bulbs and drop cords, an automatic locking system that had been broken for years, a juvenile section in need of plumbing and electrical repairs and a women’s cell damaged by an escape months earlier. One year later, the exposed light bulbs and drop cords were still there, as were the padlocks that were used in lieu of an automated locking system, and the jail still had too few electrical outlets. County officials saw no way to correct some of the blights given the prohibitive cost of remodeling, the age of the building and the county’s commitment to build new court facilities in Parsons.


Dec. 4, 1989

Videotaping of Labette County Commission meetings should begin as soon after the new year as possible, commissioners said. They discussed the video equipment with Sheriff Tom Bringle and Undersheriff Mick Tucker. Bringle said the commission clerk should have control of the unit. Commissioner Joe Renfro asked Bringle and Tucker to further investigate the needs for implementation in early January. Once implemented, Renfro said the tapes of the meetings could be used for viewing by the media or the public or telecast on cable TV systems. Renfro said the system would clear up misunderstandings that could arise from media coverage. He wanted to make sure his quotes were in context.


Dec. 4, 1999

Meadow View Grade School was celebrating its 40th anniversary. The Meadow View district formed in March 1958 when 14 one-room schoolhouses consolidated. Because the new building, built on the Potts farm site, was not ready for use by the 1958-59 school year, it was decided to hold school at the individual buildings that first year. Enrollment was 118. Other districts joined Meadow View later, and then Meadow View became part of USD 506.

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