New Business

Brent Dean (left) and Travis Smith stand in their Precision Auto and Powersports shop. The business opened on June 1 at 1715 S. U.S. 59.

The opening of a new auto repair shop that specializes in everything from cars and trucks to motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, lawnmowers and watercraft is a continuation of what two Parsons friends have been doing for several years.

Travis Smith and Brent Dean opened Precision Auto and Powersports, 1715 S. U.S. 59, on June 1.

Smith said the two longtime friends had been working on vehicles after getting off of work from their other jobs — Smith as a mechanic and Dean as a welder — and occasionally helping each other on projects, so they just decided to open a shop of their own.

“It was kind of a goal, and the opening was there, so we just decided to do it,” Smith said.

“Time to make a jump kind of,” Dean added.

Smith said the former Interstate Electric Co. building was available in a good location and was almost perfectly set up for the business. He and Dean had to tear down some walls to open up the space more and add lifts and other equipment. There still is a wall dividing their workspace, which they thought was a good way to keep everything from becoming “clustered and mixed together.” Another spot is set up for welding projects in the winter.

Smith works on cars and trucks while Dean focuses on power sports vehicles such as boats, personal watercraft, motorcycles and ATVs. He also works on riding lawnmowers.

Dean said business has been going well so far.

For now, only Dean and Smith work at the new business, but that could change as they probably will add at least someone to work the front desk eventually.

“I’ll probably wait until we absolutely can’t do it anymore because we’re too busy,” Smith said.

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