Tank Connection, headquartered in Parsons, announced Monday the achievement of 1 million man hours worked without a lost-time accident throughout all of its manufacturing facilities. Employees from Parsons and Galesburg sites are pictured above.

A lost-time accident is defined as an Occupational Safety and Health Administration recordable incident in which the employee is not able to return to work because of that specific work-related injury. 

“Tank Connection developed a comprehensive safety awareness program where various scoring criteria are used to determine success. Providing a clearly defined expectation and approach has driven the safety culture to where it is today,” Tim Rakestraw, corporate environment, health and safety manager, said in a prepared statement. 

Tank Connection employees are involved in the safety decision-making process every day. The safety program encourages all employees to take a proactive approach in preventing injuries as well as identifying, evaluating and controlling workplace hazards. Keeping safety awareness at the forefront of everyone’s mind is the main focus. Training and education have allowed for the frontline leadership group to grow and become more effective leaders when it comes to safety. In order to produce a safer environment, extra effort has been placed on recognizing and controlling hazards at a very early stage. Therefore, providing an opportunity to not just employ a corrective action, but instead allowing preventive actions to be implemented prior to accidents occurring. 

It takes companies with fewer employees longer to achieve a milestone such as this. Fewer employees means fewer man hours worked in the same time period when compared to a company with more employees. Tank Connection was able to meet the 1 million man hours worked without a lost-time accident milestone in as little as two years with fewer than 400 employees. In addition, over the past three years, Tank Connection has maintained the total case incident rate for OSHA recordable injuries at over 50 percent below the national average for this industry. 

The company hosted a series of celebrations throughout the week to honor the employees and their significant accomplishment.

“At Tank Connection, our employees are recognized as the company’s most valuable asset. We take our employees’ safety seriously and strive to complete each day incident and injury free. We can only accomplish these amazing milestones with a dedicated and safety-conscious team,” Vince Horton, president, said in the statement. 

Tank Connection is an employee-owned company that manufactures factory-coated, bolted storage tanks and aluminum geodesic dome covers for liquid and dry bulk storage.

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