Flesh employees honored

A Kaizen team at Flesh Co. recently renovated a press at the company. The team consisted of (back row, from left) Lonnie Wilson, Matt Huebner, Mike Scott, Mike Miller, Jarod Pool, Alex Blake, (front row, from left) Ken Johnson, Devin Bauman, Jeff Padgett, John Hambleton, Bill Gailey and (not pictured) Jillian Flesh.

Each year The Flesh Co. performs several total productive maintenance Kaizen (continuous improvement) events within the production area.

These events are a highly structured team process for renovating and updating legacy equipment.

Once a piece of equipment is designated as the target, a team is assembled of associates from various departments throughout the building.

The team has one week to complete the renovation during which time the members’ only responsibility is to the project.

Early morning team meetings, working lunches and long hours are the norm during the week.

Goals are set prior to the process to gauge the improvements through scope sheets and lean manufacturing methodologies made over the next several months in production. In August the Kaizen team renovated Press 400.

Kaizen events are part of The Flesh Co.’s TPM to maintain its commitment of quality products to customers.

Kaizen is Japanese for “improvement” or “change for the best” and refers to philosophy or practices that focus upon continuous improvement of processes in manufacturing, engineering, business management or any process.

The Flesh Co. provides top quality, affordable print services in areas such as variable barcode image printing, integrated cards and labels, label/form combinations, custom label products, full-service bindery and a variety of promotional printing applications, including 100 percent “green” printing.

FSC and SFI certified, Flesh operates under the premise that each company or division has a distinct core competency for its focus, allowing it to provide top quality products and services for everything it offers.

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